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This Article "Quality Not Sacrificed for Speed as Riverlink Opts for LYSAGHT BONDEK®" Supplied and Written by "Bluescope Steel Australia"

LYSAGHT BONDEK® structural steel formwork is playing a key role in the construction of South East Queensland's newest shopping centre. Formwork companies, Formbrace Pty Ltd and Alltype Welding, have been selected by Leda Developments Pty Ltd to provide formwork for the major slab structures.

The Riverlink Shopping Centre will provide a new retail focus for an area which has previously lost out to surrounding centres.

At 57,000 square metres, the Leda Developments project will be almost identical in size to the original Logan Hyperdome, which was also built by Leda. Riverlink will provide premises for 130 tenants including Coles, Bi-Lo, Kmart, Target, bulky goods retailers and brand direct outlets.

There will also be car parking for 2,000 vehicles. Travelators will move shoppers to and from the centre.

The Ipswich Riverlink site is located at the northern edge of the Ipswich central business district, less than an hour's drive west of Brisbane. The new centre will feature an elevated food court overlooking the Bremer River.

Alltype Welding

Experienced contractor Alltype Welding is using 18,000 square metres of LYSAGHT BONDEK® as structural steel formwork for slabs in the carpark levels of the Riverlink project.

Alltype recently completed work on a shopping centre redevelopment project at Morayfield, also a Leda Developments project.

"We started out as steel fabricators, but builders are increasingly looking for contractors who can do more than just one role," Peter Jakubenko of Alltype Welding said.
Alltype Welding used LYSAGHT BONDEK® for concrete slabs poured over steel framed sections of the Riverlink project.

"We had our first experience installing structural steel decking from BlueScope Lysaght at Morayfield and that gave us the confidence to offer the combination of steel fabrication and the supply and installation of structural steel formwork again for Riverlink.

"Our workers have very quickly got up to speed working with LYSAGHT BONDEK® even though they have had no previous experience with it.

"For slab above ground work it is hard to beat, especially when the layout has large areas where you just lay out the sheets and keep moving."

Peter Jakubenko estimated that even his inexperienced crew could lay out and secure the structural steel decking for which he had contracted at Riverlink in just six weeks.

"The system works well and we have had good support from BlueScope Lysaght," he said. "Order scheduling hasn't been a problem. We just call BlueScope Lysaght and they deliver enough product so that we can get on with our work without cluttering up the building site. We are using 1.0mm BONDEK® and it arrives on site cut to size, so we just crane it up to the work level on the steel frame. The sheets are 8.7 metre lengths and our guys are using static lines to walk it out."

With the experience of a career working with steel, Peter Jakubenko has a clear preference for BONDEK® over traditional formwork.

"People raise the issue of weight, but that is in fact a positive for steel," he said. "If you were laying out traditional formwork over the same 18,000 square metres that we are, then each worker would be lifting far more material into position than they are with BONDEK®. You just have to recognise the other advantages such as speed and cost and apply them to jobs on which you are quoting."

"Alltype Welding's experience with structural steel formwork has been that it is a simple solution which can be installed without having to rely on highly skilled labour which can be difficult to find. In our case it has allowed us to expand our offering to builders so that we fabricate and stand the steel frame and then supply, lay out and secure the steel formwork for large slabs which will support car parking and retail areas."

"By contracting us to do that work and to use BONDEK® structural steel formwork, the builder has saved money and also reduced the number of contractors on site, which simplifies his coordination role for the whole project."

LYSAGHT BONDEK® decking is the original steel formwork system that revolutionised concrete construction. It is made from DECKFORM® zinc coated high tensile steel which was developed by BlueScope Steel specifically for the steel decking market. It delivers excellent durability and is backed by a BlueScope Steel warranty and nationwide technical support.

Steel formwork requires less propping than traditional ply formwork, and there is no stripping, which reduces material handling on site, leading to faster installation and reduced cycle times.

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