Case Studies

Cement Australia Silo [2008 - Hutchinson Builders]

Job: 20,000t Cement Silo (Cement Australia)
Client: Hutchinson Builders.
Tonnage: 80t
Date Commenced: March 2008
Duration Of Scope: 4 Months

Welding AS1554.1SP
Fabrication AS4100
Protective Coating: Blasted & Painted to inorganic zinc 75 microns.

Description :

To Supply, Fabricate, Sand Blast, Paint and erect Structural steel as per clients specifications. The project consists of two large 24 meter beams, weighing 16t each. These beams were fabricated from nothing in our workshop, once onsite they were lifted 80meters high and secured into place by a 200 and 150t crawler crane. A large inner cone to displace cement sand weighing 12t. bondek spanning the entire roof Specialist welding and fabrication to design and fabricate this inner cone was necessary. All cranes supplied due to scale of project.

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